Error while adding and deleting RTSP sources

• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU): GPU
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Hi everyone, I’m trying to customize adding and deleting sources refer to in deepstream_python_apps.

With rtsp source, when i delete the source and then add another source to that source_id, the return state is NO_PREROLL. It means that the state change succeeded but the element cannot produce data in PAUSED. This typically happens with live sources. As the result, I cannot add a new source to the deleted source_id.

However, with the input sources are video files, it run successfully.

Could you guys help me with this issue ? Here is my code if you need: (18.2 KB). Thanks in advance ! supports rtsp source too. Can work with your rtsp source?

Well, it can add rtsp sources successfully. But when delete stage happens, it gets error.

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