Error while building for remote TegraX1 on Host PC's nsight


I’m trying to follow this article to check “remote application development” for TegraX1.

It was end in success for local host pc to build and execute “particles” app.

But it wasn’t for remote Tegra X1 with this error message on host pc’s nsight as below.
Errors occurred during the build.
Erros running builder ‘CDT Builder’ on project ‘particle’.
Internal error building project particle configuration Release Merge conflict.

Could someone tell me how to cope with this issue?


I should give an information about JETPACK version 2.3.1 and CUDA8.0.


I solved this issue by myself.

It was sucessful removing old working folder on both Tegra and HOST PC, make new working folder and restarting nsight.



You can also right click on your project and click “Reset Synchronization repositories”.
It worked for me several times after this Merge conflict.

Hello, YassineH.

Thank you for your reply.

I’ll try it.