Error while building Yocto Genivi 12 recipe for AutoChauffeur (P2379)

Hi everyone,
Has someone successfully built one of the provided Yocto recipes for P2379?

When I try to build “” or even “”, I get two errors saying “The URL …/ is invalid and cannot be interpreted” and “Failed to parse recipe …/cuda-drivers/”. I am unable to find the root cause.

I have installed Drive OS using Nvidia’s SDK Manager. For building the Yocto image, I followed the instructions provided for Drive OS 5.1.3 here - I couldn’t find instructions for Drive OS I guess I am probably missing some packages required for the build. Do I have to install something else apart from what the SDK Manager installs?

If anyone has succeeded in building a yocto image for either AutoCruise or AutoChauffeur, can you please share the instructions you followed?

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately, we don’t support Yocto Genivi environment for DrivePX2.
The link you mentioned is for DriveAGX not DrivePX2.

Hi Steve,
Yeah I know those instructions are for the new AGX platform but I thought may be they work for Drive PX2 as well. However, this page says that Yocto is supported on Drive PX 2
Moreover, I am not specifically interested in building the provided genivi recipes. I wanted to build an image based on Poky and a custom layer (I have succeeded in building that) and flash it on PX 2. But from the AGX instructions I see that I may need files built from quickboot, initramfs ans early boot recipes to be able to successfully flash the Yocto image I have. I get the same error for even those recipes. Can I get some help with this?

Hi Steve,
Do you have any update on my previous question?

Hi krishnaswamy.kannan,

Sorry for causing the misunderstanding, we never supported Yocto on DRIVE PX 2, but unfortunately not removed from the documentation totally.