Error while flashing emmc based board

Hi @JerryChang @WayneWWW

I have downlaoded emmc based images for Jetson Xavier NX and trying to flash the board, i’m facing the error as :

Thanks for any help on solving the above error.

What flash command are you using?

Command to flash :
$ sudo ./ -r mmcblk0p1

as mentioned here :


Where is your board config? The command ask you to fill the board according to the platform you are using.

If you don’t understand what that is, read the quick start guide.

Board’s config file is :

Loacted in Linux_for_Tegra/

So what is your command you are using? The previous command you shared does not have the board config. Share the full command you are using.

Sorry it was type error, command to flash complete system :
sudo ./ jetson-xavier-nx-emmc mmcblk0p1

The command looks correct. What board are you using? nvidia devkit or custom board?

I am using custom board.

Then probably has hardware design problem. Use the nvidia devkit to verify the flash steps first.

here’s Jetson Xavier NX Product Design Guide you should also check for your board customization.