Error While Flashing: Error: SMDFILE is not set for SMD/SMD_b partition


I aim to re-flash my Jetson Xavier NX (SoM) by using the serial connection with Type-C to USB. I followed that tutorial: , however; when I start flashing by the command “sudo ./”, it gives the error: “Error: SMDFILE is not set for SMD/SMD_b partition”.

Can you help me to understand why I’m having the error and solve it? @WayneWWW
Thank you.

Here my smd_info.cfg file is:
smd_info.cfg (1.9 KB)

I think you should consult with the CTI but not me. Not know the content of

Thank you. Can you help me with the issue, please? @kprice1

Hi there,
We’d be happy to help you, however I’ll need to refer you to our support team (I’m in marketing!). If you’ve already filled out our support form and have a contact within our support team, feel free to continue that conversation. If you haven’t yet filled out our Customer Support Form, please do so, and a member of our support team will be in touch!