Error while importing Audio2Face fbx to Metahuman in Maya

Hi Guys.
I have an error when I import fbx animation made in Audio2Face 2022.1.2 into Metahuman in Maya 2020. What is interesting, there was no such error when I did the same with fbx made in Audio2Face 2021.3.2.
The error is:
“# Error: TypeError: file E:\Audio2FaceProjects\ line 86: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘getitem’ #”
I will be glad if anyone help me with this.

Hello @filip.masiulewicz! Could you send me a copy of the file you are trying to import? You can attach it here or email me at:

Yes, here it is. Thank you.
a2f_cache_2.json (140.9 KB)

Hi again. Today I tried to export the same project file to MH in Maya and it works somehow. I changed nothing, as a matter of fact. Sorry for taking your time.
Best regards.