Error while installing Jetpack 4.5.1 in Jetson AGX Xavier

This is complete dmesg.

dmesg (201.6 KB)

Can you use below command and share the result?

lsmod |grep cdc

cdc_mbim 20480 0
cdc_wdm 24576 1 cdc_mbim
cdc_acm 40960 0
cdc_ncm 36864 1 cdc_mbim
cdc_ether 20480 1 rndis_host
usbnet 45056 5 rndis_wlan,cdc_mbim,cdc_ncm,rndis_host,cdc_ether

Are you saying that usb interface was working on this host before?

yes, had used same host to flash previously

Not “flash”. I mean the usb virtual ethernet interface.

Do you know what I am talking about?

No :(

When you install the sdk from sdkmanager on your host. Isn’t it asking you to enter the user account /password and a IP address of your jetson AGX Xavier?

Didn’t you ever wonder what is that IP coming from? We have a virtual ethernet interface established when you connect your host and tegra through the usb cable. Host side will have IP and Tegra side will have

However, this interface is not that stable in some users’ host. Just like you.

If your host was once able to use this interface but now it is gone. Then I would suggest you restart your host machine and see if it comes in next reboot.

It assigned the IP automatically, and I did try to ping that IP from host, but neither i received any response nor I received any error.

I will try restarting my host machine and see if I can resolve.

Is there any way to install all the SDK components manually onto target machine?

As I said in previous comment, we don’t care about what kind of interface it is.Which means you can use either ethernet or wifi.

Just in case your host can ping the tegra and ssh to tegra. Using the usb device mode interface is not a must have.

What should I do to rectify it now?

How can I install those SDK components into xavier.

Do you have etherent cable connected on your xavier?

No, I don’t have access to ethernet.

Is it possible to connect both your xavier and host PC to a ethernet switch?

I have no access to ethernet, I have access to wifi thats’s all.

Then can your host machine also access the same wifi AP as the xavier wifi?

Yes, Xavier is accessing internet through a dongle and host is accessing internet from dongle via wifi

Then just give sdkmanger the IP of your xavier’s wifi interface and the sdk can get installed.

Thankyou :)

Now cuDNN is throwing an error.

cuDNN (33.4 KB)