Error while running multiple pipelines in different threads

I have a system which runs multiple pipelines in different threads, there is more than one pipeline that uses nvvidconv.
Unfortunately i can’t seem to run all the pipelines simultaneously. Each one runs successfully on its own but i face the following error when i try running all of them in different threads:

nvbuf_utils: nvbuffer Payload Type not supported
gst_nvvconv_transform: NvBufferGetParams Failed

i saw a similar problem on a different post and the solution that was suggested was to add NvBufferSession, but i am not sure how to do that, is there an example or a documentation for how i can do that?
I am using python by the way.

Thanks for the help in advance.

In nvvidconv plugin, NvBufferSession is used already. This should not be related to NvBufferSession. Do you use Jetpack 4.6.3? Please share which release version you are using.

I am using Jetpack 4.5.1 on Jetson Xavier NX

Please share the gstreamer pipelines for reference. And would be great if you can upgrade to 4.6.3 and try.

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