Error while running [OpenGL] failed to create X11 Window. | jetson.utils -- no output streams, creating fake null output


Anyone knows why i got this error while runNing the python script ?
How can i solve it ? Thanks a lot!!!

FULLerror.txt (12.7 KB)


Could you try if this workaround also works for your issue?


Thanks @AastaLLL
It works well but noticed that this solution is temporary

Will nvidia provides a permanent solution to this issue ?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @tan_uh, sorry about that, unfortunately I am unable to reproduce the issue and it doesn’t seem to happen consistently with users, so it is tricky to make a more permanent solution. I will dig deeper into it and keep an eye on what is going on to see if I can identify a root cause. It seems only related to the Python modules for some reason.