Error will be reported when starting on orin 32G of my custom board

The following is the kernel printing information during my boot period.
dmesg.log (69.7 KB)

These are some CPU related errors. Can you help me see what the reason is

Hi jingyi.Li

What’s your Jetpack version in use?

[   13.834353] max9295 2-0063: max9295_write_reg:i2c write failed, dev:0x40, 0x0 = 64
[   13.834860] max9295 2-0063: max9295_write_reg:i2c write failed, dev:0x42, 0x0 = 64

Do you have any I2C devices connected?

Is there any custom design different from the devkit?

Hello, let me answer your question. My Jetpack version is 5.1.0
Yes, I connected the i2c device deserializer, and this error is normal because I did not connect to the hardware device

Could you remove all peripherals connected on your board and share the dmesg again?

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