Error with bazel installation


I’m following the isaac setup guide and got stuck at the bazel installation. I’m trying to install it on jetson nano dev. kit.

I followed the bazel installation guide to install bazel Release 0.19.2 and the output is as follow:

iim@iim-nano:~$ sudo ./ --user
Bazel installer

Bazel is bundled with software licensed under the GPLv2 with Classpath exception.
You can find the sources next to the installer on our release page:

# Release 0.19.2 (2018-11-19)

Baseline: ac880418885061d1039ad6b3d8c28949782e02d6

Cherry picks:

   + 9bc3b20053a8b99bf2c4a31323a7f96fabb9f1ec:
     Fix the "nojava" platform and enable full presubmit checks for
     the various JDK platforms now that we have enough GCE resources.
   + 54c2572a8cabaf2b29e58abe9f04327314caa6a0:
     Add openjdk_linux_archive java_toolchain for nojava platform.
   + 20bfdc67dc1fc32ffebbda7088ba49ee17e3e182:
     Automated rollback of commit
   + 914b4ce14624171a97ff8b41f9202058f10d15b2:
     Windows: Fix Precondition check for addDynamicInputLinkOptions
   + 83d406b7da32d1b1f6dd02eae2fe98582a4556fd:
     Windows, Setting RUNFILES_MANIFEST_FILE only when
     it exists.
   + e025726006236520f7e91e196b9e7f139e0af5f4:
     Update turbine
   + 5f312dd1678878fb7563eae0cd184f2270346352:
     Fix event id for action_completed BEP events
   + f0c844c77a2406518c4e75c49188390d5e281d3d:
     Release 0.19.0 (2018-10-29)
   + c3fb1db9e4e817e8a911f5b347b30f2674a82f7c:
     Do not use CROSSTOOL to select cc_toolchain
   + 8e280838e8896a6b5eb5421fda435b96b6f8de60:
     Windows Add tests for msys gcc toolchain and mingw gcc toolchain
   + fd52341505e725487c6bc6dfbe6b5e081aa037da:
     update bazel-toolchains pin to latest release Part of changes to
     allow bazelci to use 0.19.0 configs. RBE toolchain configs at or
     before 0.17.0 are not compatible with bazel 0.19.0 or above.
   + eb2af0f699350ad187048bf814a95af23f562c77:
     Release 0.19.1 (2018-11-12)
   + 6bc452874ddff69cbf7f66186238032283f1195f:
     Also update cc_toolchain.toolchain_identifier when
   + f7e5aef145c33968f658eb2260e25630dc41cc67:
     Add cc_toolchain targets for the new entries in the default
   + 683c302129b66a8999f986be5ae7e642707e978c:
     Read the CROSSTOOL from the package of the current cc_toolchain,
     not from --crosstool_top

- Fixes regression #6662, by fixing tools/cpp/BUILD
- Fixes regression #6665, by setting the toolchain identifier.
- CROSSTOOL file is now read from the package of cc_toolchain, not from the
  package of cc_toolchain_suite. This is not expected to break anybody since
  cc_toolchain_suite and cc_toolchain are commonly in the same package.

## Build informations
   - [Commit](

Bazel is now installed!

Make sure you have "/home/iim/bin" in your path. You can also activate bash
completion by adding the following line to your ~/.bashrc:
  source /home/iim/.bazel/bin/bazel-complete.bash

See to start a new project!

When i tried to check if it’s installed properly by checking the version i got the following error:

iim@iim-nano:~$ bazel version
/home/iim/bin/bazel: line 88: /home/iim/.bazel/bin/bazel-real: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
/home/iim/bin/bazel: line 88: /home/iim/.bazel/bin/bazel-real: Success

Please help me to solve this, thanks.

try the below:

bob@desktop:~/isaac$ engine/build/scripts/
bob@desktop:~/isaac$ engine/build/scripts/ -u <jetson_username> -h <jetson_ip>


We currently do not support Nano to compile Isaac. You need an x86 system to compile apps and deploy them from there to Nano.