Error with HDMI when disconnect cable

I am using Jetson xavier NX, disable GUI and no connect HDMI. I want default HDMI is 1920x1080 but I can’t. I figure out some topic relevant

Please, show me how to fixed it!

Not sure what does that mean you don’t have HDMI but you want default HDMI 1080p…

Yes, I want to default 1920x1080 when start up jetson instead of 640x480p

What are you talking about exactly?

You said “no HDMI connection”, then why should our driver provides you any mode?

Because I use Gstreamer to stream and display video via ethernet so When HDMI default 640x480 cause error for display Gstreamer 640x480 i hope it 1920x1080. So I would like to default it. I am following Banana Pro - change display resolution for framebuffer automatically on boot to setup HDMI default but not successful.