Error with license ordering

We have both PGI and Intel compilers installed and license manager is trying to read the Intel license first when trying to compile with PGI. LM_LICENSE_FILE is pointing only to PGI license. The lmgrd process is running and pointing to the PGI license only. How do I get the license manager to read the correct license?

Three ways to fix.

  1. combine the licenses into one file.
    concat the licenses, remove the second SERVER line
    (which should be identical to the first), and move the second DAEMON
    line to the top of the file, just below the first license SERVER and
    DAEMON lines.
    I would not do this.

  2. Put the two licenses into the LM_LICENSE_FILE path

export LM_LICENSE_FILE=/path/to/intel/license.dat:/path/to/PGI/license.dat

I might do this.

  1. Each flex license system has its own pathname env variable. Our DAEMON is called pgroupd, so

export PGROUPD_LICENSE_FILE=/path/to/PGI/license.dat
export LM_LICENSE_FILE=/path/to/intel/license.dat

This is what I would usually do.


Thanks. I found that the problem was with a typo in my Makefile. The compiler was not being called properly in one place which led to a confusing and unrelated license manager error message.

Sounds familiar.

lmutil lmdiag

does a really good thing. It tells you which license is being read, if there
is more than one in play.