Error with slice and isovolume

I’m working with a structuregrid data set. I’ve got streamtracer, slice and isovolume. I could get the streamtracer into Omniverse with tube. But I am not able to make slice and isovolume work. And I got the following error.

Omniverse error: Mesh PointsType not support

p.s. From the documents, the slice representation and animated time steps are supported features. My data is with time steps. But I could not find any documents showing details about how to do that. Is there anywhere I can find a bit more information?

Hello @y.juntao! You are correct, I do see that our documentation says we support slice representation and animated time steps. I contacted the dev team for more help!

To help us troubleshoot the issue, could you please provide a copy of your logs found here: C:\Users<USERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse\ParaView

Hi, @WendyGram , I’m running on a Ubuntu system. Where should I get the log?

Hello @y.juntao! The development team informed me that the logs won’t be very helpful for this situation. What they would like to know is what are you trying to do.

They also suggested that you make sure you have the latest version of the ParaView Connector because they have made some huge improvements that were recently published. Let me know what version you are currently using.

Hello @y.juntao! I’ve been waiting to hear back from the team for more detailed information, but I wanted to share with you what I know so far.

With what they are trying to do, if we understand it correctly, it should already be possible:

Stream Tubes > Should work already
Slice > Output of a slice filter (with Surface Representation)
Isovolume > Surface Representation

Let me know if this helps or if you have any specific questions that I can ask the dev team!