error with specular reflexion

Hi, i’m trying to do specular reflexion on an object build with triangles
the function works fine except that instead of having a white circle with represents the sun, i’ve all my tringle in white… if some one can help …

float3 phit = ray.origin + t_hit * ray.direction;
float3 n_shading = normalize(rtTransformNormal(RT_OBJECT_TO_WORLD, shading_normal));
float3 ffnormal = faceforward( n_shading, -ray.direction, n_shading );
double result=0.0;

PerRayData_radiance refl_prd;
refl_prd.importance = prd_radiance.importance * 0.80;
refl_prd.depth = prd_radiance.depth+1;
refl_prd.result = make_float3(0);

if (refl_prd.depth < max_depth)
float3 R = reflect(ray.direction, shading_normal );
optix::Ray refl_ray(phit, R, radiance_ray_type, scene_epsilon);
rtTrace( top_object, refl_ray, refl_prd );

This code is not showing how you calculate the final color, so it’s not possible to say why something gets white.
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This instruction assigns a float3 to a double: result = refl_prd.result;
I wouldn’t expect that to compile.

In general try to do everything with floats first. Only use doubles if you must.