Hello everyone:

I am programming functions for Matlab and CUDA but I always get this error:

error: a value of type "mxArray **" cannot be assigned to an entity of type "char"

the code is this :

void mexFunction( int nlhs, mxArray *plhs[],int nrhs, const mxArray *prhs[])


	char aux;

	int i;  

	/* Examine input (right-hand-side) arguments. */

	mexPrintf("\nThere are %d right-hand-side argument(s).", nrhs);

	for (i=0; i<nrhs; i++)  {

	mexPrintf("\n\tInput Arg %i is of type:\t%s ",i,mxGetClassName(prhs[i]));

	mexPrintf("\n\tInput Arg %i is of type:\t%s ",i,i);



	/* Examine output (left-hand-side) arguments. */

	mexPrintf("\n\nThere are %d left-hand-side argument(s).\n", nlhs);

	if (nlhs > nrhs)

	  mexErrMsgTxt("Cannot specify more outputs than inputs.\n");

	for (i=0; i<nlhs; i++)  {




	aux = plhs[0];// <---- Here is the error