2024-04-06 06:17:48 [291,563ms] [Warning] [omni.usd] Unexpected reference count of 3 for UsdStage ‘anon:0000016267D3E790:World1.usd’ while being closed in UsdContext (this may indicate it is still resident in memory).

I am new using Omniverse, this error has increased the waiting time to open an example or a new project.

Any ideas on how can I fix this?

@sebastianjoyap i am justvanother user, and welcome to Omniverse! could you elaborate on a few points:

  1. which Isaac Sim version are you using?
  2. could you upload the most recent Isaac Sim .log in its entirety? you can find the directory here: Setup FAQ — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation
  3. could you elaborate the steps leading to those errors? for the purpose of trying to repro.

in the meantime, i’ve seen others having similar error and turns out it’s related to shader compilation, and a possible solution - [2023.1.1] Simulation App Extremely Slow to Start