Just guessing that this is an error …

1>cudacc internal error

1>Exception Record:

1>0x0012f8ac 0x0012f8c8 0x0012f7e4 0x7c9037bf 

1>0x0012f8ac 0x0012ffb0 0x0012f8c8 0x0012f880 

1>0x0012ffb0 0x7c9037d8 0x0012ffb0 0x0012f894 

1>0x7c90378b 0x0012f8ac 0x0012ffb0 0x0012f8c8 

1>0x0012f880 0x00505284 0x00a44ecc 0x0012f8ac 

1>Context Record:

1>0x0012f8c8 0x0012f7e4 0x7c9037bf 0x0012f8ac 

1>0x0012ffb0 0x0012f8c8 0x0012f880 0x0012ffb0 

1>0x7c9037d8 0x0012ffb0 0x0012f894 0x7c90378b 

1>0x0012f8ac 0x0012ffb0 0x0012f8c8 0x0012f880 

1>0x00505284 0x00a44ecc 0x0012f8ac 0x0012ffb0 

1>0x7c937860 0x0012f8ac 0x0012ffb0 0x0012f8c8 

1>0x0012f880 0x00505284 0x00a44ecc 0x0012f8ac 

1>0x00962aa4 0x0048b831 0x0012f86c 0x0048ba32 

1>0x005a2970 0x0012fa1c 0x009b3f64 0x0046d1ae 

1>0x009b3f64 0x009b3f64 0x00461404 0x009b3f64 

1>0x00000005 0x005a1948 0x009b3f4c 0x00000001 

1>0x0012fa1c 0x009b3fe4 0x007b8258 0x00960ed4 

1>0x009b3f4c 0x005a1948 0x009b3f4c 0x00130000 

1>0x0012e000 0x00960eec 0x0012fba4 0x7c90eafa 

1>0x00000000 0x0012f8c8 0x0012f8ac 0x0012f8c8 

1>0xc0000005 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x0047ff0b 

1>0x00000002 0x00000000 0x0000002c 0x0001003f 

1>0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 

1>0x00000000 0x00000000 0xffff027f 0xffff0020 

1>0xffffffff 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 

1>0xffff0000 0x00001794 0x0000001c 0x0000f540 

1>0xe0270000 0xb3717c90 0x00000017 0x0013f54c 

1>0x00010024 0x8d300000 0xb3c10015 0x05030002 

1>0x00000005 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 

1>0x00000000 0x80000000 0x00003fff 0x00000000 

1>0x3fff8000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x0000003b 

1>0x00000023 0x00000023 0x00a44ecc 0x00962aa4 

1>0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00962a0a 0x00000000 

1>0x0012fba4 0x0047ff0b 0x0000001b 0x00010293 

1>0x0012fb94 0x00000023 0x0020027f 0x00000000 

1>0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 

1>0x00001f80 0x0000ffff 0x00001794 0x0000001c 

1>0x0000f540 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x7c90e027 

1>0x0000b371 0x00000000 0x00000017 0x0013f54c 

1>0x00000024 0x00000000 0x00000001 0x00158d30 

1>0x0000b3c1 0x00000000 0x05030002 0x00000005 

1>0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 

1>0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x80000000 

1>0x00003fff 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x80000000 

1>0x00003fff 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 

1>0x00000000 0x0013f5ac 0x00000000 0x7c9105c8 

1>0x00158790 0x0013f678 0x7c910551 0x00150778 

1>0x7c91056d 0x001587b8 0x00158798 0x001538ec 

1>0x001400e4 0x00000004 0x001400d4 0x00140000 

1>0x0013f618 0x7c915233 0x0013f600 

1>Set the environment variable CUDACC_TRAP to break into the debugger next time

1># --error 0xc0000005 --

I’m working on making a reproducible example …

I’ve tracked down this error and can reproduce it. Details:

Windows XP

Cuda 0.8

MSVC++ 2005

Since it’s not a runtime error, I assume that GPU/system info isn’t needed

Command line. I’ve also tried it with Emulation builds and the compiler still produces those error messages.

$(CUDA_BIN_PATH)\nvcc.exe -DNDEBUG --keep -v -cuda -use_fast_math -O3 -o some.c


class simple_base {

	int y; // comment this line to cause the crash


class simple : public simple_base {

	int x;


__global__ void test_knl(simple X) {



void call_kernel() {

	simple adsf;



I originally thought this had to do with templating, but it turns out it was that I had an empty base class. This error first popped up when I started sketching out a templated class hierarchy, so I assumed it was templating, when it wasn’t that at all. The error occurs when the base class has no member variables. So building an interface class consisiting entirely of functions is currently not possible.