Erroreous documentation for l4t custom board configure

Hello all!
We have got an custom board with Jetson TX2 module, very close to P2597. Our board naven’t got an EEPROM. Pinmux and GPIOs is without any changes from P2597. USB/PCIe configuration #4. No OTG ports on board.
I try to change board-specific parameters with documentation on Jetson TX2 Series MB1 Platform Configuration 32.4.3 Release

But this is not complied to installed JetPack_4.4:

  1. File tegrabl_mb1_bct.h is missing and I can’t find it.
  2. In section “Jetson TX2 Pinmux and GPIO Configuration” are descibes file /bootloader/<platform|ver>/BCT/tegra186-mb1-bct-pinmux-gpio--<board_revision>.cfg but no any files with ‘gpio’ subnames at all.
  3. In Jetson TX2 Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up 32.4.3 Release
  4. In section ‘PMIC Changes’ is describing file ‘tegra186-mb1-bct-pmic-quill-p3310-1000-c04.cfg’ but it is missing ‘# 5V0_HDMI_EN’ section at real file.
  5. In section ‘Porting USB (Universal Serial Bus)’ is describing modifications pads and ports for xusb_padctl@3520000, creating xhci nodes for xhci@3530000 but this modifications is no take effect for real board.

Please provide me for correct documentation for JetPack 4.4 bring-up.

hello @xuch

The bring-up guide for the latest JetPack is the following:

You can find support documentation under:

For a bring-up, the “OEM Product Design Guide” document can be resourceful.