Errormessage/Highest possible resolution sensors for jetson Nano?

Hey guys! :)

I tried to shrinking my Jetson Nanos Z-height by milling down the cooling body and adding a different fan,

after all the dissasembling and assembling my USB ports don’t work.

I’m guessing this errormessage is saying: " dude, you broke your nano"?

HDMI and DP is working fine, USB ports don’t work…

I’d like to run this Jetson Nano as a device to control several Odrive bldc controller boards in position control mode for an exoskeleton to help me walk. yeah I’m in a wheelchair…
I never learned coding or c++, but I’m more than thankful for any help here

Another question that makes me really wonder about all this sensor stuff.

Whats the highest resolution encoders/sensors that can be used with a jetson nano?

I need atleast 16 bit -65536 positions on a 90° angle.
Means, I want to read the position over a degree of 90° in a resolution as high as possible…
Better would be 24 bit or even higher… it would be great to catch even the smallest tiny micrometer movement and translate it to the odrive brushless controller using the jetson nano.

How do I do that? Which soft and hardware would you guys recommend?
And is my Jetson Nano unusable for my desired task? should I buy a new one?

Oh guys you don’t know how much I would appreciate an answer which leads me in the right direction.

I experimented with lots of cheap and more expensive joysticks, from 1024 point-10bit sticks upto 65536 points-16bit sticks using the vkb controller and I have many of those 16 bit sensors here but not familiar with vkb hardware and software… don’t have the knowledge to take vkb controlllers 16 bit sensors, wire them to the jetson nano to control a odrive controller board…

heres the picture

and another picture, which shows my wiring and that HDMI work

and infolink:

I guess I need sensors–>on of those adc converters–>jetson nano–>odrive controller?

are my thoughts right so far?

Not really understand your request? BTW what is odriver controller?
And not sure if below document help for you to get more information about Jetson.

Hi Shane!

The main question of mine is what the loading screen is telling and why my USB ports don’t work?

Thanks, Alex


Current info is not sufficient for us to debug rhe usb issue. Please try to access the board with serial console and then dump the dmesg.