errors at compiling "Merging LaneNet & DriveNet sample" tutorial


recently I am trying to realize the “Merging LaneNet & DriveNet sample” tutorial ( Unfortunately I run into errors on compiling. It seems, my code files are different from what is used in the tutorial:

On page 16 of the presentation is stated that the file LaneDetectionCommon.hpp contains a line “namespace laneDetection”.

This line is missing in my file. (See attached LaneDetectionCommon.txt; .hpp-files cant be uploaded) Therefore compiler throws an error that the functions laneDetection::initLaneNet(), laneDetection::release() and laneDetection::runDetector() are unknown.

Question now is:

How do I have to change the files, to make the combined code of LaneNet and DriveNet samples work?

Additional info: I’m using DriveInstall, Ubuntu 14.04


LaneDetectionCommon.txt (4.78 KB)


After updating to DriveInstall the eroors got a lot more and worse:
In the files LaneDetectionCommon.hpp and LaneDetectionCommon.cpp the class LaneNet is unknown.

I asume, this is because the class LaneNet is declared in the main.cpp file of the LaneDetection sample.

May you can update the tutorial and add the DriveWorks/DriveInstall version for which it is intended? (I think, this would be appreciated)

Sorry, Error was created by myself. I copied the text of LaneDetectionCommon.cpp to LaneDetectionCommon.hpp