Errors at verify


I have installed pgilinux86-64-6.1-6 and then try to verify my installation. I have such errors:

[audrius@localhost ~]$ pgf77 -V x.f
pgf77-Warning-Unknown switch: -V
pgf77-Error-file with unknown suffix ignored: x.f

[audrius@localhost ~]$ pgf90 -V x.f
pgf90-Warning-Unknown switch: -V
pgf90-Error-file with unknown suffix ignored: x.f

[audrius@localhost ~]$ pgcc -V x.c
pgcc-Fatal-unable to find any RC file

I think that shows that installation was wrong, but I don’t get any errors at install process.

what to do?
Thanks for the expected help.


Hi Audrius,

You are correct that this error is the result of an installation problem. What OS are you trying to install on? Note that since 6.1-6 is several years old, it may not install properly on newer OS.

  • Mat