Errors between versions, graph behaving different between versions


I represent PT Blink, currently engaged as members of the Nvidia inception program.

We’re working on a project using Nvidia Omniverse and are facing some technical challenges.

Firstly, we’re encountering stability issues with the Beta Version of Composer, specifically when modifying the action graph. The application tends to crash when nodes are disconnected, which disrupts our workflow significantly. This issue seems to be exclusive to the Composer version we’re currently using.

Switching to the Beta Version of Omniverse Code appeared to be a viable workaround initially. However, this version introduces its own set of complications. Each time we launch Omniverse Code, we’re required to re-enable extensions, which is a repetitive and time-consuming process (as shown in the first screenshot).

More troubling is the inconsistent behavior of Graphs between Composer and Code. In Composer, the Graphs function as intended (as shown in the second screenshot), but when we switch to Code, there’s a noticeable difference in how these Graphs behave (illustrated in the third screenshot).

These inconsistencies are proving to be quite a hurdle in our development process. We’re seeking insights or suggestions that might help us navigate these issues more effectively. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated, especially if there are known workarounds or fixes for these specific problems in Omniverse’s Beta versions.

Thank you for your assistance.

Kind regards,

Max Gumiero,
Software Engineer at PT Blink

@max.gumiero i am just another OV user, but what’re the current versions of Code and Composer you are using where you are seeing the discrepancies?

Hi Max,
I will reach out to you via Private Message and get you some help