Errors generated by valgrind

I am running a mixed language code compiled with gcc and PGI version 11.1.
When I run with “valgrind --tool=memcheck” I get the following type of errors that
appear to emanate from PGI libraries:


==21871== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==21871== at 0x4092D80: pgf90_conformable_dd (in /home/lappel/local/netcdf/4.1.2/pgi_11.1/hdf5_1.8.6/lib/
==21871== by 0x82DC957: put_efit_limiter_ (efitCWrapper.f90:591)


==21871== Invalid read of size 8
==21871== at 0x84310DA: r8fvbicub_ (r8evbicub.f:204)
==21871== by 0x8430E94: r8evbicub_ (r8evbicub.f:127)
==21871== by 0x83B02E1: ezspline_interp2_r8_ (ezspline_interp.f90:151)
==21871== by 0x831798D: bound_findstationarypoint2d_ (bound.f90:1422)
==21871== by 0x830D43B: bound_identifycandidatexpoints_findxpointposition (bound.f90:341)
==21871== by 0x830CF86: bound_identifycandidatexpoints_ (bound.f90:299)
==21871== by 0x830AAE0: bound_steps_ (bound.f90:114)
==21871== by 0x834D96B: forcebalance_fit_ (fit.f90:109)
==21871== by 0x8321332: efit_ (efit.f90:89)
==21871== by 0x82DDDE0: compute_efitslice_ (efitCWrapper.f90:786)
==21871== by 0x8118E3B: EquilibriumNs::TimeSlice::computeFortran(ResponseFunctionsNs::ResponseFunctions const&, bool) (timeSlice.cpp:217)
==21871== by 0x8119098: EquilibriumNs::TimeSlice::compute(double, EfitConfigNs::EfitData const&, TokamakDataNs::TokamakData const&, ResponseFunctionsNs::ResponseFunctions const&) (timeSlice.cpp:254)
==21871== Address 0x525f708 is 16 bytes before a block of size 34,864 alloc’d
==21871== at 0x4006AEE: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:207)
==21871== by 0x4086483: __hpf_malloc_without_abort (in /home/lappel/local/netcdf/4.1.2/pgi_11.1/hdf5_1.8.6/lib/
==21871== by 0x40866B0: __hpf_gmalloc_without_abort (in /home/lappel/local/netcdf/4.1.2/pgi_11.1/hdf5_1.8.6/lib/
==21871== by 0x40842C8: _hpf_alloc03 (in /home/lappel/local/netcdf/4.1.2/pgi_11.1/hdf5_1.8.6/lib/
==21871== by 0x4082F71: pgf90_alloc03 (in /home/lappel/local/netcdf/4.1.2/pgi_11.1/hdf5_1.8.6/lib/
==21871== by 0x83AA5D4: ezspline_init2_r8

Hi lynton,

We’d like to investigate these further. Can you please send a reproducing example to PGI Customer Service (