errors in 3.2.2

after updating to 3.2.2, we have multiple errors, it is strange cause we haven’t them in 3.2.1, and they are listed in latest changelog as fixed!!!

issues that are definitely not fixed:
“Fixed swept/overlap/raycast with convexes that don’t have identity scale rotation.”
“Fixed a scenario where raycasting could miss an actor after the user has moved it using setGlobalPose().” - this is tragic for us, all of our tools are broken now…

there is also a crash in vehicle controller while riding on the terrain with multiple materials,
we also get crashes in character controller here:
{Unknown File}.: physx::Gu::DynamicRTree::~DynamicRTree Line: 0
{Unknown File}.: physx::PxShapeGeometryPropertyHelper::getGeometryType Line: 0
{Unknown File}.: physx::PxControllerManager::PxControllerManager Line: 0

also we get crash trying to call raycasts and sweeps from multiple threads here:
{Unknown File}.: physx::PxShapeGeometryPropertyHelper::getGeometryType Line: 0
o3_raycast_manager…cpp: O3::Physics::CRaycastManager::CapsuleSweepAny Line: 581

can we expect these to be fixed anytime soon?

I’m sorry for the troubles.

Could you please provide repros for these?

Thanks much.