Errors - Isaac SDK 2021.1

After installing the SDK 2021.1 and following Getting Started documentation, got some errors. Need help/clarification.

---------------- package not found error

user@laptop:~/isaac-sdk/sdk$ bazel build -c dbg //apps/samples/pose_tensorrt_inference
ERROR: Skipping ‘//apps/samples/pose_tensorrt_inference’: no such package ‘apps/samples/pose_tensorrt_inference’: BUILD file not found in any of the following directories. Add a BUILD file to a directory to mark it as a package.

  • /home/user/isaac-sdk/sdk/apps/samples/pose_tensorrt_inference
    WARNING: Target pattern parsing failed.
    INFO: Build options --action_env, --compilation_mode, --cpu, and 1 more have changed, discarding analysis cache.
    INFO: Analyzed 0 targets (0 packages loaded, 0 targets configured).
    INFO: Found 0 targets…
    ERROR: command succeeded, but there were errors parsing the target pattern
    INFO: Elapsed time: 0.169s, Critical Path: 0.00s
    INFO: 1 process: 1 internal.
    FAILED: Build did NOT complete successfully

This sample is now available in the packages folder. To run it, please use the following command:

bazel run packages/skeleton_pose_estimation/apps/openpose/openpose_inference

Please note, that the sample above is provided to serve as a baseline/reference implementation of the OpenPose paper. To deploy on the device it is recommended to use optimized trt_pose_inference sample (available at the same folder).

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Okay, will do. Thank you.