Errors when using more than 3 nvv4l2h265enc plugins

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My apologies for not having all the details above as I’m posting this for a user of our work here.

They’re trying to create and play multiple pipelines, each with an RTSP sink bin using the nvv4l2h265enc plugin. The sink bin implementation is derived from you deepstream app example(s).

The first three Pipelines appear to play correctly… with errors occurring on the fourth.

According to your matrix, if I’m reading it correctly, the RTX3070 should be able to support up to 5 concurrent sessions, is that correct?

Here’s a log with the level set to INFO.
RTX3070.txt (1.4 MB)

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.


What’s the driver version?
Please upgrade to latest driver and test again.

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Thanks @yingliu for your quick response. I’m just waiting to here back from our user to know if I can close this.

I received confirmation. Updating the driver fixed the errors.

Thanks again,

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