Escape Sequences in Constant String node in an action graph within Create

I would like to input text into the action graph using the Constant String node. The text might contain escape sequences such as \n and \t, and they need to be retained that way, without the backslash being escaped with another backslash.

The idea is to then write this input text to a file (using a script node). The text may contain multiple lines. Currently, the file is being written with:


instead of:


I have come to understand that this is how the constant string node treats text, ie it always adds another \ to yield an even number of , so that escape sequences are ignored. Is there any way around this?

(Another alternative is to paste my text into a new script node that then simply passes it on into the script node that does the file handling, but this solution doesn’t seem so elegant)

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Hi @riya.thomas! I’m going to reply on this other issue you created: Constant String node text input in Action Graph within Create