Establishing connection between Jetson Nano and Lidar Velodyne VLP 16je

Hello, I am trying to establish connection between Jetson Nano and Lidar Velodyne VLP 16.

The issue here is, when I try to enter the site, it takes around one hour of google chrome loading just to reach the site.

I tried pinging the IP, I receive a reply every 10 to 15 ms, which is not normal at all. I am connecting my Lidar via Ethernet cable, I have a Ethernet to USB converter, connecting the USb to the USB Port, because when I try to connect directly to the Ethernet port, I get that “Ethernet Disconnected” message.

What makes me think that this is not normal, I tried pinging my lidar using another CPU, which has Ubuntu running on it, i received replies within 0.8 ms I guess, so what should I do?

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Not sure if the USB take it as low speed device.
You may check the manual to connect to the RJ45 connector.

If you are using a direct Ethernet connection, you need to create a network on the Jetson with a static IP of
You can do this using the Network Manager.

By default, when Ethernet is connected to the Jetson the Jetson expects the network to assign it a network address. You will see this as IPv4 Method: Automatic (DHCP) in the Network Settings Manager. If you attach the Velodyne instead, the Jetson needs to create its own network and assign itself an IP address. is a commonly used address on local networks, and allows the Jetson to ‘see’ the Velodyne over on 201.

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