ESX6 + K1 GRID + Passthrough

I am running VMWare ESX6 + K1 GRID + Passthrough mode in my setup. I have attached a GPU on a VMguest Windows 2012 R2 RemoteDesktopServer. Did some tests like playing a MKV file 1080p fullscreen over RDP just uses 1% of my CPU whats very good!

But when browsing websites its not that good. It all goes very smooth but CPU consumption is very high like 60/70% CPULOAD spikes, when browsing interactive webpages. ( GPU acceleration is enabled on the browser)

Tested with IE and FF IE uses a bit more CPU.
Soneone any tips an this to have the GPU do more offloading?


Have you enabled the Group Policy "Use the hardware default graphics adapter for all Remote Desktop Services sessions"?

Obviously, before doing this confirm that the K1 is the default graphics adapter ;-)

You can confirm GPU utilization by running GPUz within the session.


Please have in mind that you cannot use IE GPU accelerated in a RDS environment. MSFT disabled the GPU acceleration for RDS workloads therefore you should use Firefox or Chrome as default browser in RDS environments in order to profit from the GPU acceleration.

Hi all have a update here.

Did some further tests with GPO enabled and GPUz tool and there is a noticeable difference on process handling in the task manager. But both methods generate 90+% CPU LOAD

VMware ESX6 Passhtrough K1 GRID + RDS2012R2
2 x Intel vCPU 2.7GHz
Tested video: at time 5:40 fullscreen in RDS 720p60
1 user logged on the RDS server for testing.

When you dont set the GPO to enable "Use the hardware default graphics adapter for all Remote Desktop Services sessions" the GPUz tool doesnt show you the GPU load. It stays at 0 % while playing

Firefox 34,2%
Pluigin container for FF 30,5%
Termsvcs 28,4%
GPUz GPU load 0% ( no GPO enabled )
TOTAL CPU LOAD: 99% by 1 user

Firefox 7,9%
Pluigin container for FF 25,1%
Termsvcs 46,6%
GPUz GPU load 44% ( GPO enabled )
TOTAL CPU LOAD: 91% by 1 user

Both ways play very good only CPU load doesnt change anyone any tips to have the GPU do more instead of the CPU?