Eth1 static ip loss every 10 times after reboot

Dear all:
1: flash JP4.6_R32.6.1 for tx2 nx with our custom board,
eth1 using default driver r8168 for RTL8111G.

2: eth0 dhcp, eth1 static ip; eth0 is normal, eth1 static ip loss every 10 times. after rebot.
following file is syslog and kernel.log . (181.5 KB)

    2.1:  after apt-get autoremove isc-dhcp-client,   eth1 static ip is normal after 100 times test.

    2.2:  after flash JP4.6.4, eth1 static ip also loss every 10 times. 
    2.3:  after falsh JP4.5.1, eth1 static  ip also accidental loss.

3 : eth0 static ip, eth1 dhcp: eth0 and eth1 normal every time.

Please help me indicate where this occasional phenomenon is caused。

Thank you very much. Best Regards.

Check the /var/log/syslog and see what is going on when the static ip is lsot.

the file have syslog

Then please check by yourself.

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