Ethernet bandwidth limits on a Kayla dev kit

Hello All

I’m having some issues reaching high throughput on the ethernet on Kayla, and I was wondering if anyone else had some experience in this.

Basically, I can make Kayla freeze up when transmitting too many packets to it (35000 per second at 1000 bytes). It helps forcing the cpu scaling into performance, but still I can’t get anything above 300 Mb/s regardless sizes/etc.

So, are there anyone who have achieved a high network bandwidth with the Kayla or any other Tegra 3 system?



Hello Henrik,

From your post I got that you are working on Kayla board. I am sorry I couldn’t answer question. I am new to working on Kayla boards. I would be glad if you could help me with the following information.

  1. I observed that there is no direct support of linux and u-boot (SOURCE) for Kayla boards from seco. Are we struck with the images flashed onto the board?

  2. If we want to fuse a new u-boot/kernel onto the board. Is there any document available for knowing the process of flashing the image / taking a backup of the existing images on the board.



Hi Yasaswini

Sorry for not answering before, but for some reason I didn’t get the post update notification.

Your questions are highly related to boot processes and Linux, and this is not my strength. SECO do support the source code (at least they did previously) and some guides booting etc. and files are available from their product page.

I hope you have luck finding what you are looking for.