Ethernet bus

Hey all

I want to establish an Ethernet Bus to send and receive image processing data (in real time) i have tried to connect two Orin’s with a point to point ethernet connection and i used socket programming to establish server on one side and the client on the other. but ethtools eth0 only shows me link

Not quite sure about what you want to ask. Please elaborate your question again.

OK, i want to transfer data between multiple orin’s over an ethernet bus (switch or hub) but when i connect them with an ethernet cable it does not recognize the link connection. any advice on sending data with ethernet? (without using internet)

I am not sure if this is a stupid answer. But have you checked whether the IP needs to be assigned manually or not?

i did assign an IP through the settings (not the terminal) , but it still does not detect the ethernet cable

Could you also test if you can see each device with port to port connection without using any hub/switch?

i connected them directly and they can’t see each other

You need to set the IP manually in this case because there is no dhcp to assign the IP.

This kind of setup has been done several times on our side…

through the terminal? and they should be able to identify each other and send data right?

You can do it by through terminal or the GUI… both should work fine. After set up, ping each other as test first.

This really does not matter with jetson. I mean, if you connect two ubuntu PC together, then you need to do it too.

this is pc1, do i set it as manual or link local only?

hey so, i set the ip addr and when i tried to bring the interface up i only got this answer (they are connected through ethernet)

I am not sure if this is a stupid answer too. But you can modify netmask from to on both of your orin and try again

hey so, i arrived at a solution.

First, create a profile on the wired settings, connect an ethernet cable to it and set the ipv4 method to link-local only ( this will help with the interface to recognize the ethernet cable)

second, set IP addresses through the terminal with this command

sudo ip ad add dev eth0

check if the firewall would allow tcp/ip connections through this

sudo ufw allow 22/tcp

third, when you want to transfer a file, use the scp command for example i transferred a file with this command, from orin1 to orin 2

scp /home/s1/ s2@

and it was instant!

oh and, do use ping to check if the connection you made was correct. before trying to send files first

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