Ethernet connection of Drive agx xavier on 10.0 os

Please provide the following info:
**Hardware Platform: DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit
**Software Version:DRIVE Software 10
**Host Machine Version: native Ubuntu 18.04
**SDK Manager Version:

I flashed the target machine to use DRIVE Software 10
after that, i plugged ethernet cable(using converter and router hub) to connect machine to the internet.
But it doesn’t get ip address from router hub which means that when i type ‘ifconfig’ on the terminal to check ip address of eth0, its address is out of dhcp range of router.

if there is any idea about this issue, please let me know

Dear @gnus9939,
Could you share the picture of your internet connection and ipconfig output details

@gnus9939, please also use your business email instead of personal email in future correspondence with us. Thanks!

Dear @kmsbnfiw,
Please post your issue in Jetson forum. This is intended for DRIVE platform

Dear @gnus9939,
Could you provide any update on the issue?