Ethernet Connection

Our application requires inputting 11 10-GigE camera connections into the Xavier AGX. We are trying to understand the bandwidth limitations through the RJ45 Ethernet port. Can this port accept 110 gigabits per second data rate, or is it capped to a much smaller amount?

The units you are using are a bit confusing. Are your cameras using 110Mbit/s? 110Gbit/s would be an astonishing data rate.

On the gigabit ethernet, that is only the max without even taking into account overhead. You would probably find that one camera using 800Mbit/s (0.8Gbit/s) could work without issue if the nvpmodel is maxed out and clocks are set to full. Using more cameras might add overhead, and so possibly 8 cameras of 100Mbit/s would have less real world throughput than does that single camera using 800Mbit/s.

You would have to test to see what actually works, but if you are using 11 cameras with 0.110Gbit/s (110Mbit/s), then you are guaranteed this will not work.