Ethernet issue in orin nanoo

kernel version 5.10.104
sudo dmesg | grep 8169

This is case of carrier board of orin nano 8GB
for a release image it showed 3 ethernet eth0 eth1 and eth2
but now its showing only 1 ethernet

lspci -nnv

ifconfig -a

inside the deconfig file R8169 was made y and R8168 n

what is the issue …


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I will move this post over for visibility.



Please move to new release.

Also, I don’t know what you are talking about. Even old release won’t have 3 ethernet.

Are you adding some devices by yourself?

I added a realtek ethernet 2.5G , its not showing
I changed R8169 to y in the defconfig file
and R8168 to n

There is a default realtek ethernet that is using r8168 on Orin Nano module and shouldn’t be removed.


Please upgrade to rel-35.4.1 and it will use r8168 driver for on-board ethernet by default.

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