Ethernet LEDs?

Anyone else notice that the ethernet LEDs don’t seem to blink at all?

Is there a setting or something else happening?

The ethernet connector LEDs on our initial run of devkits do not light and blink (though the ethernet connection is fine). We’re working to see what can be done.

At this point, all devkits leaving the factory have functioning Ethernet connector LEDs.

@prlawrence, you’re saying the devkits leaving the factory do have functioning ethernet LED’s, does this mean it can be made working by a simple hardware change like removing/soldering a resistor?

I have the same issue - eth works, but no LED activity.

Same problem here, LEDs of Ethernet connector of Jetson Nano are not blinking. Nothing happening. ;(

I solved the problem. The Linux Terminal commands provided by Nvidia do not work. You have to use Etcher to setup the board.

We’ve released a utility that updates the Ethernet firmware to enable the RJ45 activity LED’s, see here:

Thanks Dusty!