Ethernet over USB on Jetson NX

I have a custom Jetson NX board that flashes via USBC (OTG). Is there a way to use that USB as an ethernet interface (similar to the AGX)?

I tried using the /opt/nvidia/nv-usb-device-mode… scripts (both the mode and runtime scripts) to create an ethernet bridge and start a DCHP server. The bridge interface is created and an ip is assigned, but the host does not detect the USB connection like it would in recovery mode.

Am I missing something?

The usb device mode in flash/recovery mode and the node under linux kernel are different cases

If you don’t configure the device tree, then the linux kernel case will not make your usb port work. Thus, please let us know have you ever configured it.


I have not configured the device tree. Are there any resources in particular that’s related to the device tree & usb device mode?

Also, I may have misstated the board in the original post. I’m using a 3rd-party carrier board - not making my own. I just wanted to connect to another device via USBC since the port is rated for OTG.

Please contact with the board vendor for the info.

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