Ethernet Port Stop Working

The ethernet port has been working fine for 2 months since I purchased this brand new Xavier unit. But it stops working properly today which I’m not sure whether it’s software or hardware issue.

I could not ping or ssh into the Xavier. When I went to Xavier desktop, I can see the connection is established and IP address shows as how I set it on ifconfig when I insert the ethernet cable directly from my PC to Xavier; however, Xavier also cannot ping the outside world. I used a usb to ethernet adapter on Xavier with the same ethernet cable, and I could ping my PC.

I’m using the Xavier on a local network and did set the netmask properly or the same as how I have been using it for the past 3 months.

My application requires constant streaming udp data packets. The Xavier is used on robot outdoor which could be exposed to summer ambient heat of the US Northeast. I would think that the part is failing physically, but connection still shows when I insert the cable so I could not explain this. I tried to reset the machine, using different cable, delete and set the setting again but nothing works.

Would really appreciate any pointer from here. Thanks!

The first question is if the Xavier was on a network where untrusted systems might connect? The first question is usually if someone else could have got in and modified something. Many devices on a router can usually see each other, and especially college campus networks. These should be considered “hostile”. Unless there is some sort of firewall stopping others from accessing the system I’d start by thinking you should clone for any desire to save what is there, and then clean install if this is the case. The “raw” image from a clone can be loopback mounted, examined, copied, or used to flash from (the smaller “sparse” file from a clone does not have that ability).

Also, did this have a standardized user name/pass login? If so, then everyone knows that password.

I am the only person having access to it. And I was still the only person working on it between the time it worked and not work on the same day. There was an impact to the mobile device that the Xavier sat inside before it stopped working however. I suspect the unit might have suffered some shock but I did not see any clear sign of physical damage. Plus connect ethernet cable still shows the connection but just not working right, so this is puzzling me.

I guess there might be no good answer to it, it may be really a physical damage problem.

Cloning would actually be a good test under the circumstances. Even if you don’t need the data this would verify basic function is still there since it has to reach recovery mode (a simple boot mode), and then stream the eMMC content over USB.

You may be right about physical damage, and perhaps it is something as simple as re-seating the module on the carrier board, but perhaps something else is damaged. Hard to say at the moment.