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Actually, I need to connect more than 1 ethernet to the jetson TX2.
I use a gige Camera, and I need to save the images directly in a windows computer (directly from the jetson´s RAM, in a c++ program). I will use ethernet connection for both.

I need an ethernet switch for that, with at least 4 ports. Is all ethernet switch work well for the jetson TX2 ? Which one do you advise ?

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Nolann Laine.

Hi, hope someone has such experience can be shared. For TX2, a standard ethernet port is available for external switch.


in my case, on carrier card ethernet related lines from jetson tx2 are connected to a switch present on carrier card. the switch is working fine, but the connection between jetson & switch is not establishing. ping fails when tried from jetson to pc through switch. in carrier card i don’t have an RJ45 connector to test directly from jetson to pc.

my question is that do we need to do anything in software to work around with switch ??

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Little confused by your word “switch present on carrier card.”, could you share the picture of your switch? Why it does not have a RJ45 port?

I mean’t to say ethernet switch. we have multi-boards, there is no rj45 since we have routed lines comming out of ethernet switch on carrier card to other boards instead of giving out to rj45 then connecting to other rj45 of other board.

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Please also note the below observations

Mounted rj45 to Jetson ethernet lines , through this ethernet is up and working , when same lines are connected to ethernet switch it’s not working …

And we have tested the ethernet switch it’s up and working for other two boards ethernet passing through this switch .

You may want to verify it isn’t something simple like crossover versus non-crossover cable:

Some ethernet devices are auto detect, but not all.

Did you solve this problem? I also want to use multiple ethernet ports in Jetson Tx2. Is it simply working by using switch or did you face any complications?

Thank you for help!

Regards, Nitish

Hi Nitish,

It works perfectly using a switch.
Depends of your application, I advice you to connect a PCI ethernet, otherwise your bitrate will decrease.
PCI from intel work well, and the driver is already installed on the jetson TX2. Be carreful if you use a PCI with more than 2 ethernets connection. I don’t know if the jetson is powerful enough for more connections …


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Thank you Nolann for instant help and support.

I have to use two cameras and one computer connection. So I would have needed 3 ethernet connection.

So, you tested with two ethernet connection and it worked well right?

I will let you know about my tests for 3 ethernet connection.

Thank you again.



You can use a PCI express ethernet providing 2 ethernet ports. With the jeston, you have 3 ethernet ports. You can use this model for example (check the compatibility with this model, it is just an example).