Ethernet thought usb


I was wondering if I can use my mac as a router and bridge the wifi connection on my mac to tx2 through the mini usb? In the network manager on my mac I do see Linux for Tegra as connected, but 802.1X:WiFi can’t be connected. Any suggestions on how I should set this up? Thanks a lot!

Not very sure what you want to do. What is the wifi doing here?

Are you trying below pipeline?

Other device<->(wifi)<-> Your Macbook <-> (mini-usb) <->TX2

Yes, is that something we can do? Thanks a lot!

There should be a fs mounted when you connect micro usb port to your macbook and should have below file in that fs named README-usb-dev-mode.txt. We put some methods there.

Please note that it is for ethernet but not wifi. But I think the idea is similar but just in different interface.