Etlt model not detecting with deepsteam python apps

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• Hardware Platform: Jetson Xavier NX
• DeepStream Version: 6.0
• Language: Python

I want to deploy .etlt models on deepstream with python bindings. I downloaded the models from this repo ( The yolo models are working fine with “ds-tao-detection”, based on the steps in the documentation.

Now I want to check if those TAO models work in the deepstream with python bindings. The python sample code is downloaded from deepstream_python_apps. I used “deepstream-imagedata-multistream” as an example. In the configuration file, I replaced



custom-lib-path = /home/user/Projects/deepstream_tao_apps/post_processor/

Here the engine file was generated automatically from running the “ds-tao-detection” in the deepstream_tao_apps. The parsing functions (parse-bbox-func-name, custom-lib-path) are set the same as in the deepstream_tao_apps.

Now the python apps run with no error, but it is not detecting any object.


Hi @zzww ,
Please take a look DeepStream SDK FAQ - #21 by mchi , you may miss some offset, scale settings.

Hi @mchi ,
Thank you for your reply. I added the scale, offset and a few parameters as in the configuration file in deepstram_tao_apps. It is now working in a more reasonable way.

I am wondering what is a good way to find out other parameters. The configs in deepstream_tao_apps may provide a hint on those parameters when I deploy them in deepstream_python_apps, but if I want to deploy my customized model trained with TAO, how should I set those parameters? Thanks.

Hi @zzww
I think the best way to go through the doc and understand the meanings of these parameters, if you know well about TLT train, it should be easy to map them.

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