Euler gamma function


in Fortran 2008 the Euler gamma function is part of the standard. My PGI 14.7 compiler doesn’t seem to have it. Is it in the most recent version? Are there plans to add it? I’ve got an old routine for it that’s celebrating 3 decades that I’d rather replace with an intrinsic than fix bugs for.


Looking at the latest Release Notes I see:

2.3. New and Modified Fortran Functionality
 Incremental Fortran 2008 features including SIMPLY CONTIGUOUS, ERF/ERFC, inverse
hyperbolic functions, Bessel functions, storage size intrinsic, gamma, log_gamma, and

So the answer is…maybe?

Hi Paul,

We’re incrementally adding F2008 features. gamma was added first added in the 15.1 release (as indicated by Matt).

Best Regards,

The timing could not be better. Thanks for a quick reply and the good news!