Evaluating custom carrier board for jetson nano and jetson xavier nx

Hi team

what are the procedures to evaluate my custom carrier board(referred NVIDIA jetson design files from NVIDIA download page) external ports and others(like CPU and GPU) for bench-marking purpose?

Kindly suggest me the reference through we can make bench-marking for those ports(above mentioned).

Do you mean you want to run test benchmark for gpu + cpu stress?



Basically we suggest to use any kind of 3rdparty tool to run the stress test.

Thanks @WayneWWW

I also want to evaluate my carrier board external ports and make bench-markings, can you also please suggest me on this.

What does that mean external ports?

To be more clear,

As we develop one common board for all of them(jetson nano, jetson tx2 nx and xavier nx), still now we were in development phase
but now all carrier boards functionality is checked and it’s working fine. Now we want to check the performance of boards means we want to check the maximum capabilities of our carrier board with these SOMs.
As our board has the following interfaces
1) USB 2.0
2) USB 3.0
4) Display port
5) PCIe (M.2 M key and E key)
6) Ethernet 1Gbps

  Please suggest us any hardware tool or NVIDIA utility to monitor these peripherals performance.

We don’t provide any tool to test the performance of these ports.

Those can run over common ubuntu system could be used for testing them on jetson too.

For example, using iperf3 to test the ethernet performance.

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