evaluation install pb


I dowloaded evaluation linux86-64.tar.gz on my
tao linux station ( 2 AMD opteron) but it cannot be unziped:
tar -xvzf linux86-64.tar.gz => not a tar file
gunzip linux86-64.tar.gz => not a gzip format
what can I do ?
Thank you for your help.

linux86-64.tar.gz is a gzipped (compressed) tar file. You must unzip it before you can run tar against it.

gunzip linux86-64.tar.gz
tar -xvzf linux86-64.tar

Hope that helps…

Actually, this is our fault (PGI). When downloading from certain browsers, a piece of html accidently got added to the first part of the package so gzip doesn’t recognize the header. We caught the problem early and have fixed it, but a few of you will have gotten the corrupted package and will need to re-download. We appologize for the inconvience.