Event not coming in order by timestamp

What I found when I am reading a kafka log then found event not coming in order by timestamp.
e.g. let say event timestamp is 10:30 but coming after a event which happend at 11.
Its not making sense. Could you pointout the reason? and provide the solution so that get the event in order of timestamp.

Deepstream : 4.02
GPU : Quadro 5000 16GB
Kafka: one topic with one partition.

New findings regarding this issue. What timestap we are getting during creation of event in function “bbox_generated_probe_after_analytics” that is in order but when reading data at kafka side it is not in order.
In kafka we are using single topic and single partition.
Could you suggest the solution so that event we can get in order?
Eagerly waiting for your reply.

Sry, I didn’t get this, could you explain more details?

Thank you for reply. This issue is now fixed. We did some mistake on consumer size.

Great, let’s close the topic. Feel free to create a new topic when you have other problems.