Everything is missing from the Omniverse Library

Can someone help me? I lost everything in my Omniverse Library when I restarted Omniverse one time. My Omniverse version is 1.9.11.

My settings are as follows:

The pkg items in the Library are all there, and I can open them separately:

@Vulcan.Shao i am just another user, and i haven’t personally seen this happen before. so a few inquiries:

  1. do you recall if there were any changes aside from a Launcher restart prior to seeing your apps disappear? (hardware, network, or software update, OV login account, etc)
  2. is the D drive an external HDD?
  3. have you tried to reinstall the apps and see if they all get recognized again?
  4. if you could upload your launcher log, that may also help the dev team troubleshoot. you can find the launcher.log here: %userprofile%\.nvidia-omniverse\logs

i wonder if @dlindsey might know what could’ve been the cause here.

I have not seen this before. I would recommend, now that you’ve reapplied your settings, you restart your machine just to clear out any oddness.

Also, please include in your reply your launcher.log file to help us understand more.

Thank you for your timely help. Here is my startup log.
launcher.log (381.5 KB)
I see that there are many errors inside. Would it be helpful to locate the problem?