EVK U28 & U29 on customization carrier board requirement


We have a customization carrier board but doesn’t follow U28 & U29 of EVK design.

Actually we have almost porting our image on this carrier board.

Now we will go to next phase to modify our customization carrier board, and we have the question about U28 & U29 which is TCA9539.

Should we add U28 & U29 on our customization carrier board? If needed, we will co-lay both chips.

Because we are not sure if we co-lay both chips will help us easy following Nvidia SDK in the future although now we are using R28 version.(It’s because our 3rd party’s application is based on R28.)

Many thanks if you can give us any suggestions, and it would a great help.

Hi, as you know, U28 & U29 are GPIO expanders, if you have no need to use any signal of them, then you can remove them. Will have no effect on version upgrade.

Hi Nvidia Team,

Got it. Many thanks.

Hi Sir,

I still have a question, maybe it’s a common question.

If we just add U29 chip, any firmware need to be preload in U29?

Thanks for your help.

U29 can be configured thru I2C. Please note some dts relying on both expanders can be modified manually after removing them.