ExaGear Desktop can run Intel x86 application on ARM-based devices

Finally new update with new features.

  • May 29, 2015 Eltechs launched new version of ExaGear Desktop - software that allow to run x86 apps on ARM.
  • The main change is support all models of Raspberry Pi devices and support a couple of new guest images including Ubuntu 14.04, Debian and Raspbian.
  • With new performance improvements, the software is 5 to 10 percent faster, or about five times faster than QEMU. In addition, the new version now enables guest applications to use the host’s PulseAudio sound server.
  • New version under launch 33%-50% discount now.
  • Eltechs ExaGear Desktop http://goo.gl/AKMfw0

    FYI, I added a link to ExaGear on the sticky topic for JetsonLinks.

    For those of us who already have ExaGear Desktop installed/etc, how do we go about updating it?

    The update is free for current users. If you haven’t received this letter, please write to support@eltechs.com to find out the details.