Example 1, page 202, Portland User's Guide

I installed cygwin first. I then installed Win32 PGI Workstation. I run the pgi.bat to open a PGI window. I was able to get the pgcc examples 2 and 3 to compile, but Example 1 using pgf95 doesn’t create a lib file like the Guide seems to imply that it will. When attempting to compile prog1, it says lib not found:

pgf95 -c object1.f
pgf95 -Mmakedll object1.obj -o obj1.dll
pgf95 -Mdll -o prog1 prog1.f -defaultlib:obj1
LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file ‘obj1.lib’

Sure enough, there is no obj1.lib file. But there is a obj1.dwf file.



Hi John,

It appears that the example is formatted incorrectly. Please either change the extension to “.f90” or add “-Mfree” to the compilation line.

Thanks for bring it to our attention.